Freestyle Soccer

Freestyle Soccer

Freestyle Soccer is a game where you must perform tricks with a soccer ball
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Freestyle Soccer is a game where you must perform tricks with a soccer ball.
Using your mouse, you will guide your foot. You will have to keep the ball not only in the air, but also within the screen boundaries. However, just doing that will not score you any points - you will have to do Around The World tricks, or ATWs. To perform an ATW you will have to move your feet around the ball, while it is still in the air. The more circles you complete, the higher is the score. Keep in mind that in order to kick the ball you will have to move your mouse up and then down – do not try to kick the ball using your mouse buttons. Remember also that the ball will bounce differently depending on which part of your foot you hit it with.

You will only have one opportunity playing this game. As soon as the ball falls to the ground, or goes away from the window, the game is over.

At the end of the game, you will be offered to submit your score to the Novel Games Site. To do that, you can opt to register a free account or to submit your score as a guest. This way you will be able to compare scores with other players worldwide.

This game is rather difficult to master, but it will surely attract soccer fans.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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